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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Today's Picture: Flower Fall

Today's picture is a bright spray of oversized, chrysanthemum-like blossoms in fantasy colors:

Flower Fall mixed-media art piece, gallery-wrapped stretched canvas 8x10 inches
"Flower Fall" original mixed-media art canvas
by Jan Burch

It measures 8 by 10 inches in gallery-wrapped canvas. The mixed media elements used include acrylics, tissue paper collage, gel pens, and permanent markers. The back is signed, dated, and titled by the artist.

For more details and to purchase this original artwork, see the product page HERE at my Zibbet store. Or, check out all of my Fine Art Originals for sale on Zibbet. You can also see it, along with other paintings I made over the past year, at  my DPW Gallery, on the Daily Paintworks site. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Today's Picture: Autumn Quartet

Back to painting & mixed media after a break, I've created this lovely 10x10 stretched canvas as a ode to my favorite season!

A quartet of four stately trees, each with their foliage ablaze in the oranges, yellows, and deep greens of summer-into-fall, stand in a dreamy, fantasy park-like setting. Metallic colors on the tree trunks and background provide a luminous glow. A little bit abstract, a little bit primitive, and lot of impressionism went into the spontaneous style of this original art piece, perfect for those who love the autumn season!

For more details and to purchase this original artwork, see the product page HERE at my Zibbet store. Or, check out all of my Fine Art Originals for sale on Zibbet.

In related news ~ I've re-upped my membership in the Daily Paintworks art sale and auction site! Check out my DPW Gallery, which includes this piece along with others I've made over the past year. And while you're there - I have a auction going for my concept-art mini piece, For Whatever Reason:

This might be a great way to pick up an affordable gift for the art lover on your list! See the auction info and bidding page HERE.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sneak Peek at my next reveal - coming up, the Shawl of Protection and Wisdom (Round 2)

Cross-posted from my Patreon page blog... 

After an unwanted but unavoidable hiatus (due to life, jury duty, and a sick kitty), I'm back to finishing the products for Round 2 of my Patreon project! The theme for Round 2 is "protection and wisdom" and the colors are blue and purple.

With the shawl (shown above) nearly completed - it just needs some finishing work - I wanted to give you a little taste and whet your appetite. The blue and purple colors are accented with dashes of white, and even a little touch of green to sooth the heart chakra. And the fine, lightweight cotton-blend yarn makes this shawl feel soft, warm, light, and luscious ....

Want to see more? If all goes well, I should have the shawl to reveal in a few days. But at that point ... only Patrons will get to see it in real time! The reveal will be done in a Patron-only post, and it will make the shawl available for a Patron to purchase (if they want) at least 24 hours before it's announced to the general public.

If you're reading this and you'd like to see more (and you're not a Patron), please consider signing on to support my page. Everything helps, even a pledge of $3, $5, $10 …. or more. You'll get rewards, too — it’s an exchange! Please check it out, and btw I also appreciate your shares on social media ♥

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Patreon Round 2 - blue/purple jewelry reveal coming soon!

Cross-posted from my Patreon page blog... 

I've been up to my elbows in blue and purple beads! Over the past several days I've made close to a dozen jewelry pieces in my Round 2 colors. This has given me plenty of time to ponder the qualities of these colors - and my Patrons can read all about it in this post which I just shared with them. 
Now, about those jewelry items: Several pieces sold before I could get them listed in my Zibbet shop, which is not a bad thing :) But don't worry, I have more in the making and listing, including a uniquely designed set of four bracelets that can joined together and worn as a long and beautiful necklace. This means a reveal is coming soon, so please stay tuned!
PS: If you become a Patron at $3 or more per month, you can read that Patrons-only post and all the others, too! Please consider becoming a Patron, to support the arts and help me spread more colorful healing in the world! 


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