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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Better a Colorful Handmade Saturday (or any day) than a Black Friday!

A note one of my customers sent me inspired the title of this post, which is so appropriate for Small Business Saturday as we kick off the annual holiday gift buying frenzy!

And since I mentioned colorful, please allow me to share some of my colorful goods from several of my handmade and indie designer sites ~

^ Great prices on tees, mugs, prints, and more at Jan4insight TeeStore on TeePublic
^ Beautifully crafted accessories, jewelry, notebooks, artwork and more from Jan4insight Handmade Gallery on Zibbet
^ Great gift ideas you can personalize from my shops on Zazzle - the king of customized Print On Demand sites!
Start a new tradition this holiday season ~ Shop Small and stay out of the mall! Want even more ideas for small and indie businesses that can fill all your holiday gifting needs? Check out the listings at Kos Katalogue - I am proud to be part of this fine group of artisans, crafters, designers, and service providers. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Today's Picture 16 > Pop Art Roadrunner No. 2

Today's picture is my first offering on stretched canvas!

Inspired by my resident roadrunners and based on one of my photos of the critter, this version shows Roadie the roadrunner in fanciful colors against an aurora-like background that I made by pouring acrylic paint on the canvas. For more details and to purchase this original artwork, see the product page HERE at my Zibbet store. See all of my Fine Art Originals for sale on Zibbet. 

What I do, and why I do it ... part 1

"I make beautiful things that make people happy."

That's the statement that came to mind recently when I was mulling over the perennial where-am-I and where-am-I-going questions that all entrepreneurs grapple with from time to time. I like the statement - call it my new tag line, or elevator pitch, if you will - because it rolls up all of my various enterprises into one. That may not seem obvious, but consider ~

Well, okay, it's obvious (or should be) when applied to my arts and crafts and design side. For example:

AGordon 12 Jersey Scarf custom order 040915
The beautiful colors in these scarves I made last year, for a special customer's request, made a lot of people happy, I've been told :) And that makes me happy when I hear about it!

But ... what about the things I make that aren't things? I'm referring to the metaphysical side of what I do: intuitive readings, Feng Shui consultations, and Jin Shin Jyutsu bodywork sessions. All I can say is ...

Tabletop labyrinth - balance your chakras!
... balanced energy is a beautiful thing! And it makes people happy, too - at least, for those who choose to seek it.

Then there's the wordy side of what I do. I don't talk about it much outside the writer's job sites I'm on, but I do some hack writing now and then:

See, I write for money. That's the long and short and "why" for that part of what I do ;)

Now that I've explained the three branches of what I do, I find I've run out of room for the"why." That part comes in another post or two - except for the writing, you already know that.

Until next time ... Cheers!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Finds > More Back to School Delights with Zazzle!

Need some gear to equip your desk, dorm room, or locker? Check out this collection from Zazzle. Many of these cool back-to-school items can easily be customized - for that personal touch!

Check out Spirit circles Dry Erase Boards online at zazzle

Colorful Doodle Swirls Monogram Notebook
Colorful Doodle Swirls Monogram Notebook by lilanab2
Check out more Doodle Notebooks at Zazzle

Custom teacher rubber stamp with name + apple
Custom teacher rubber stamp with name + apple by splendidsummer
Browse more Teacher Wood Art Stamps at Zazzle

Turtle Ba-Gua Binder
Turtle Ba-Gua Binder by TheElementalHome
Browse more Tribal style Binders at Zazzle


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